Fonts for Days
I love fonts, and want to share some of my favorite fonts!

I’m taking a break from blogging for a while :D Have fun exploring fonts! 

I know I’ve seen this font somewhere… like on a website or something! I love it a lot <3
This font would make a great wanted poster font… also there are TONS of this font! I would highly recommend this font ;)
So elegant!! My only problem with this font is that the capital C’s look like G’s (like a non cursive g) Yeah feel?
LOVE! As you might have realized, I love bold fonts, and this my friend is a very bold font… <3 It just makes you stop and look…
This new font website is so sophisticated, I feel so proper browsing these fonts :D
Omg so my friend showed me this new font website! And it is true love <3. So when you download the font, it asks for a donation… and if you are cheap, like me, just type in $0. Thehe
When I am older (and of the age where people would be hosting cocktail parties), I will totally use this font for the invites!
My friend once used this font to make a parody poster for an imaginary band called “No Direction”… good times :D
I can’t believe that this is one of the most downloaded fonts on dafont of all time… I really do not see what is so great about it… Like it’s soooo bunched up… hmmm…
For you party animals out there that love themselves some tequila… (ps I swear that I did not accidentally spell tequila wrong in the title, that’s what this font is actually called!).
Cute… I just wish I could find the little dinosaurs that this font comes with…! 
So flippen swirly… here I thought one starry night was swirly… this font takes the cake so far…
I don’t see how this is disco? Please enlighten me…
Just in case you want to make some soviet propaganda posters… I guess?